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We offer counselling at the Compass Centre for up to 6 months at a time, after which you can take a break for a few months and re-refer if you feel you need more support. Our door is always open.

  • Trauma is an experience that overwhelms you and involves a threat to your safety. Sexual violence often causes trauma.
  • Many people go through experiences that are traumatic such as car crashes or assaults. In time, it is possible to heal.
  • Responses to trauma can include overwhelming emotions, feeling disconnected, physical pain, frightening memories, and feeling like it is still happening or that you are in danger. These are normal responses to what you have experienced. It is not your fault.
  • You can recover from trauma. Many survivors of sexual violence heal from their experiences. It is not possible to say how long it might take for you but, with support, many survivors find that the bad days become further apart.
  • We can help to support you through person-centered counselling, emotional support, and information.
  • In a confidential space with your counsellor, we can empower you to feel safe and emotionally stable to talk through your experiences, to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to heal.
  • We support you to re-engage with or find things that bring you joy and help you to discover new things that allow you to feel safe and well.
  • We are here to help and support you through your trauma and assist you onto the road to recovery.

Sometimes people might need more input with healing than we can offer through counselling, and we can help you to identify that need and talk about what’s available.